Conical with Robot

When speaking about Flex Feed Systems many feeding companies offer a single packaged solution, possibly with various size offerings, but typically no change in mechanical design. At the same time some shy away from supplying the robot itself and thus removing the very thing that makes the system “flexible”.

Because Performance Feeders has a depth of product offerings and feeding solutions we chose to re-define our flexible feeding concept and began to focus on the “flexible” component of this concept – the robot. Our flex-feeding platform begins with the robot cell and from there we can use a various number of simplified feeding solutions to present more options to the robot thus increasing output rates.

In this example we are able to utilize our conical feeding solution to feed a large plastic part. The conical feeder easily got top for bottom orientation and fed the product at 45-50 ppm in a smaller footprint than if the parts were oriented in a traditional straight wall feeder.

The Vision and Tracking software analyzed each part to determine if the part was in the correct orientation or not. If the product was correct, the robot picked and placed the component while tracking the parts location on the conveyor.

If the orientation was wrong, the robot picked, rotated 180 degrees and then placed the product giving 100% oriented product. Any product that came from the feed system that had the improper top for bottom orientation was ignored by the robot and was recirculated back into the system.

This type of flexible feeding allows the customer to re-tool the robot and update the feeding solution to match the next generation of product adding longevity to your feed system. Drum feeders, step feeders, straight walled vibratory, conical, cascade, Flexibowl, or just plain conveyors, whatever solution is required to run your product efficiently and effectively, we have the depth of product line to find your solution.

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