Flex Feeders

The Performance Feeders Vari-Flex parts feeding systems are designed for vision analysis and robot part selection via backlight compatible belt conveyor or by a recirculating turntable. They offer a variety of solutions for complex part geometries, small parts and families of parts that are not easily fed in conventional feeder systems. From the simple, economical PFVF-E3 with the translucent conveyor belt to the PFVF-03 turntable model, numerous upgrades are available to provide as little or as much customization as required up to a complete turnkey solution with robot and vision system integration.

Performance Feeders Flex FeederPFVF-03 – All Options Shown


  • Multiple part capabilities: Because of the simple method of product presentation associated with flex feeding and the heavy reliability on advanced technologies, changing from one part to another can be extremely quick and simple once initially programmed.
  • Gentle Part handling: Due to the recirculating nature of the systems, minimal dispersion tooling is required allowing product to disperse naturally with minimal tooling contact.
  • Elevating Storage Bin: The stainless steel elevating storage bin allows for the storage of 3 cu ft of un-oriented parts. The key features of this elevator are the low load height and quick dump door which allows for ease of use and assists with quick product changeover.
  • Return Conveyor: Product return conveyors drive product back to the elevating storage bin for recirculation.
  • Feed Rates: 30+ parts per minute can be achieved depending upon product characteristics and ancillary equipment used.

Optional Components

Vision System, adjustable mount AB Powerflex AC controllers
Robot for part selection Custom disbursement tooling
Programmable HMI with PLC, remote access Programmable push buttons
Exterior grace port Signal light tower
Selection of guide rail profiles Low bin sensor

The Vari-Flex System

The PFVF family of flexible parts-feeding systems offer a variety of solutions for complex part geometries, small parts and families of parts that are not easily fed in conventional feeder systems.

PFVF-E3 Vari-Flex Economy Feeder

PFVF-E3 Vari-Flex Economy

Designed as a low cost solution for simple flexible feeding, this economic platform provides an effective means to recirculate and present product to various vision and robotic systems. The PFVF-E3 Vari-Flex Economy feeds a variety of parts from the 3 cu. ft. storage hopper to a backlight compatible belt conveyor for part analyzation.


  • 8×8 Backlight area
  • Product pre-stage chute
  • 12" Wide staging conveyor belt
  • Dual A/C motors wired to terminals
  • Input voltage: 110V/220V

PFVF-03 Vari-Flex Feeder

PFVF-03 Vari-Flex

The PFVF-03 Vari-Flex feeding system provides precise detection of complex part geometries with quick-change tooling to easily feed multiple part families. The recirculating, bulk storage and turntable platform present parts for robot selection, returning un-picked parts to the supplying hopper. This system is easily integrated with a variety of robot and vision systems with multi-tier pricing available from a low-cost base platform to full integration.


  • 24" rotary table
  • Modular tooling platform
  • Input voltage: 110V/220V
  • FDA compliant materials

Brochures and Product Information

  Flex Feeder Bi-Fold Brochure

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