Prefeeders provide for bulk storage of un-oriented parts. The storage capacity of prefeeders is typically much greater than that of orienting feeders. When integrated as part of a vibratory, step or centrifugal feeding system, a prefeeder automatically meters parts into the orienting feeder, constantly maintaining the proper amount of parts in the feeder for optimal operation and minimizing the amount of time an operator must spend tending to the feed system.

We offer a wide variety of prefeeders, including vibratory hoppers, vertical elevating prefeeders, hoist elevators, high-capacity elevating prefeeders and custom configurations to suit most any need for the movement of bulk small parts.

Vibratory Hoppers

Vibratory Hoppers

Our vibratory hoppers are the most economical option for integrating bulk parts storage into parts feeding systems. They consist of a high-capacity bin mounted over a vibratory tray, controller and sensor (limit or proximity) that monitors the level of parts in the orienting feeder and turns on the hopper automatically as needed.


  • 1 - 5 cu. ft. bin capacities
  • Stainless steel bin and tray construction
  • Bin and tray linings available for part protection
  • Includes controller (110 or 220 VAC) and level control sensor for orienting feeder


  • Low bin sensor to monitor part level in hopper bin
  • Purge door for quick part changeover in systems that run multiple parts
  • Belt conveyor in place of vibratory tray for applications requiring gentle handling of fragile parts
Vertical Elevating Prefeeder
Hoist Elevators
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