Conveyor Belt Systems for Industrial Product Manufacturing and Assembly Lines

Performance Feeders provides conveyor systems with many different conveyor belt styles and conveyor drive options to meet virtually any material conveyance need. We offer a wide variety of conveyor systems to meet your custom manufacturing specifications including belt conveyors, plastic chain conveyors, steel mesh conveyors, incline-decline conveyors, timing belt conveyors and vacuum conveyors.

Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belt Systems designed for demanding manufacturing applications

Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belt Systems

Incline-Decline Belt Conveyors transport lightweight parts through elevation change on your product assembly line and manufacturing process

Incline-Decline Conveyor Belt Systems


Backlit Conveyor Belt Systems designed for robotic or manual manufacturing applications requiring vision inspection

Backlit Conveyor Belt Systems

Lift Gate Conveyor Belt Systems Create Walk-Through Access on Your Product Assembly Line

Lift Gate Conveyor Belt Systems

Heavy Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor Belt Systems Designed for Heavy & Demanding Loads

Heavy Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor Belts

Plastic Chain Conveyor Belt Systems are used in a wide variety of industries from material handling to product processing

Standard Plastic Chain Conveyor Belt Systems

Timing Belt Conveyor Systems for Applications With Critical Product Placement & Position Requirements

Timing Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt Conveyor Tray Feeder Systems Automate Tray Placement for Robotic Load or Unload

Belt Conveyor Tray Feeder Systems

tainless Steel Mesh Conveyor Belt Systems for Cooling, Curing Applications

Stainless Steel Mesh Conveyor Belts

Vacuum Conveyor Belt Systems Hold Light Parts through Elevation Change, Vertical and Upside Down Applications

Vacuum Conveyor Belt Systems


Performance Feeders Conveyor Configurator

With our new conveyor configurator, you will be able to choose your desired conveyor options then download detailed specifications and a working 3D solid model in minutes.

Performance Feeders is proud to announce that it has acquired Auto-Kinetics, Inc., a manufacturer of low profile modular conveyors and conveyor belt systems. Auto-Kinetics conveyor belt systems bring even more versatility to Performance Feeders' line of parts feeding and parts automation applications. Auto-Kinetics conveyor belts are built to last with attention paid to both quality and performance. Auto-Kinetics conveyor belt systems can be integrated into many applications as anything from free-standing conveyors to comprehensive parts handling and manufacturing automation solutions.


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