Troubleshooting Vibratory Feeders

No vibration (usually an electrical problem)

  • Power supply to control is OFF
  • Fuse in controller is blown
  • Cord to feeder is damaged or unplugged
  • Gap between coil and striker is closed
  • Bowl or base unit is making contact with other equipment
  • No air gap between discharge and track

Vibration (but slow or irregular parts movement)

  • Input voltage to controller is fluctuating
  • Bowl is not properly seated in all toe clamps
  • Feeder bowl is overloaded
  • Lubricant on parts or feeder bowl
  • Toe clamps holding bowl are not tight
  • Excess dirt on bowl or parts (clean)
  • Mounting plate or table not sturdy
  • Leveling screws on legs not set firmly
  • Bowl is mounted on a machine which shakes and sets up an interference vibration

Note: This list applies not only to new equipment but to older units as well. Most problems are caused by improper use or installation, or damage from handling between the factory and customer.

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