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Medical Packaging Belt Conveyor System

Custom Medical Packaging Conveyor System

Jump to: System Specifications || Quote Request Form This conveyor belt system was designed for a medical device manufacturer who needed to package a medical product into boxes. Empty boxes were loaded from the left side of this image onto an Auto-Kinetics heavy-duty belt conveyor. The boxes were loaded with product in the middle of…

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High-Precision, FDA Approved Cleated Timing Belt Conveyor System

This custom conveyor system was designed to transfer blister packs of medical products between machinery assembling the blister packs and machinery packaging the packs into cartons. Packs were loaded onto the conveyor at the entrance end and shuttled sideways into a packaging machine at the discharge end. The high-precision requirements of this application necessitated the use of a custom timing belt conveyor.

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Conveyor Belt System with Automatic Tray Loading

Custom Conveyor System with Tray

This Custom Conveyor System was designed for a manufacturer who needed to load empty trays with parts for an automatic assembly operation. Empty trays were loaded onto a powered Auto-Kinetics heavy-duty belt conveyor. Upon reaching the end of the belt conveyor, a pneumatic slide pushed a single tray sideways onto a robotic loading station. Once in position, a second pneumatic slide clamped the tray in place for loading.

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