Electronics Manufacturing

Performance Feeders specializes in the design and build of custom parts feeding, orienting and handling systems for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Step Feeder Orients and Feeds Glass Light Bulbs

Step Feeder Lifts Parts onto Orienting Vibratory Straight Line Track.

Jump to: System Specifications || Quote Request Form || Video This system was designed to feed a low voltage light bulb into an automotive assembly operation. A step feeder was chosen due because its gentle part handling characteristics would minimize the chance of breaking the parts. Each cycle of the step feeder lifted parts out…

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Hybrid Vibratory Feeder – Conveyor System for Gentle Parts Handling

Hybrid Vibratory Feeder - Conveyor Belt System for Gentle Parts Handling

Jump to: Video || System Specifications || Quote Request Form A component of a sensor for a consumer product was made of a plastic material that was susceptible to damage from vibration. The assembly operation also required that the parts be kept as clean as possible. We designed a custom parts feeding system that combined…

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Conveyor Belt System with Automatic Tray Loading

Custom Conveyor System with Tray

This Custom Conveyor System was designed for a manufacturer who needed to load empty trays with parts for an automatic assembly operation. Empty trays were loaded onto a powered Auto-Kinetics heavy-duty belt conveyor. Upon reaching the end of the belt conveyor, a pneumatic slide pushed a single tray sideways onto a robotic loading station. Once in position, a second pneumatic slide clamped the tray in place for loading.

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