Belt Conveyor Tray Feeder

Belt Conveyor Tray Feeder - Automatic Tray Placement for Robtic Load or Unload
  • Construction: Heavy Aluminum Extrusion with Stainless Steel Plate.
  • Pulley diameter: (89mm) 3.5" Diameter drive & Idler Pulley with Sealed Bearings
  • Drive Shaft: 7/8" Diameter x 50mm long
  • Widths:Available in (10) Standard Widths: (160mm) 6.2" - (1280mm) 50.3"
  • Lengths: Up to (18288mm) 60'"
  • Load Capacity: Up to 450Kg (1000lbs)
  • Conveyor type: Model 55 (Standard Duty) or Model 65 (Heavy Duty)
  • Belt type: Flat Belt
  • Mechanism: Pneumatic Air Cylinders for Push, Lock and Eject

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