Space-Saving Hoist Elevator

The Performance Feeders hoist elevator is a space-saving bulk parts elevator that allows parts to be loaded at an ergonomic height and discharged at heights up to 84". With a 24" x 36" footprint and vertical lifting, the hoist elevator takes up much less floor space than other bulk elevators.

How it works

The operator loads parts into the bin, closes the loading door, and operates the elevator with the handheld pushbutton controller. Safety features include an interlock switch on the load door that prevents operation of the elevator when the door is open, and an emergency stop button.

Download Hoist Elevator Product Information and Specifications

Space-saving bulk parts elevator with optional vibratory hopper.

Hoist elevator shown discharging into vibratory hopper (not included).

Hoist Elevator with vibratory hopper feeds parts at an adjustable range of heights

Part loading area shown with loading door open. The elevator is equipped with an interlock switch on the door that prevents the hoist from operating unless the door is closed.

Space-saving hoist elevator system with interlock switch.

The hoist elevator is operated with a hand-held pushbutton controller and includes an emergency stop switch


  • Stainless steel bin and discharge chute, available with UHMW lining for part protection.
  • Extruded aluminum frame with clear Lexan panels.
  • Ergonomic load height allows loading without operator having to bend over or lift boxes overhead.
  • Handheld operator controls with simple pushbutton operation.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Interlock safety switch on load door that prevents operation of elevator with load door open.

Standard specifications

  • Input voltage: 110, 220 or 440V AC
  • Bin capacity: 2 cu. ft.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 300 lb.
  • Lift speed: 32 FPM
  • Load height: 28"
  • Discharge height: Built to specification. 48" minimum, 84" maximum


   Performance Feeders Brochure
   Performance Feeders Tri-Fold Brochure
  Hoist Elevator Brochure

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