Vision Systems in Food Production Automation

Interesting article on the use of vision systems in food production.

“Industrial robots can quickly and easily pick and place food items without risk of introducing bacteria and at a rate far faster and with greater endurance than a human worker. Advanced vision systems even have the capacity to detect both external and internal defects in food products.

Loose food products introduced to the line leave packaged and ready for the next phase of the supply chain.

Even farming is expected to see a positive impact from the introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

In what could be considered the upcoming robotic age, farmers can look forward to the use of drones and robotics to tend to their fields and crops.

Drones equipped with infrared cameras will monitor irrigation patterns and map soil variations to detect pests and fungal infestations. These drones will be able to swoop in from the sky to perform crop-spraying at any time of day or night.”


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