Assembly Magazine February 2012 Case Study


Performance Feeders Case Study: Assembly Magazine February 2012There are times when the you need more than just a feed system. Performance Feeders has incorporated the Auto-Kinetics conveyor and extrusion frame line in our mix of products. This creates a single point of contact for you which saves time and potential mistakes. In this case our customer needed to convey the parts from their molding machine to an assembly machine. Using a cleated Z conveyor, we were able to move the parts up to a storage conveyor. From the storage conveyor the parts were fed into a vibratory feeder where the parts were split into two lines and oriented. From the vibratory feeder the parts were brought vertically down a gravity track where they were released one at a time into the customer’s receiver. Performance Feeders was able to handle the entire project giving the customer a single contact point for their part handling needs. Whether your feeding project consist of a single feeder or multiple feed and conveying systems, contact us to discuss your requirements. Performance Feeders is ready to help you succeed with your project.

PF_Case_Study_Feb_2012 as it appears in the February 2012 edition of Assembly Magazine

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